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Members need away to connect with their Organization. My Organization Mobile App is a better way for organizations to deliver contents directly to users without the burdens of emailing, phone calling, and/or handing out paper bulletins. With My Organization Mobile App, users receive writings, events, announcements, and much more directly from their organizations right to their smart mobile devices.


Connecting Members and the World

  • Send direct messages to members without using texting or email.
  • Announce events and provide information to encourage members to attend.
  • Make available photos and video clips to preserve and promote organizational history.
  • Unlimited advertisement spaces for effective fundraising.
  • Receive direct suggestions from members for improvement.
  • Donation is as easy as a click of a button.
  • Absolutely free for all members.


Care about improvement? With mobile app, members can confidently and quickly leave suggestions and comments so that organizational leaders can review and act accordingly.  Be the open-minded organizations that take positive criticism as a stepping stone towards excellence.  Members are willing to leave feedback when they know their ideas to improve the organization are appreciated and considered.


Worry about the cost of maintaining the My Organization Mobile App?  No more!  With the Advertisements feature, organizations can find local businesses to buy advertisement space in the mobile app.  And the great news is: the ad space is unlimited.  That means organizations can put as much ads on the app offset the cost of operating the mobile app as well as fundraise funding for other organizational activities.


Organizations can reach their members directly through the My Organization Mobile App and provide them with up-to-date information and activities.  Instant notification can also be sent through the app to alert members with urgent information without the need of using traditional methods such as texting or emailing.  With the mobile app, your members are just like the neighbors next door.


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